Advertising Rates

Please find our advertising rate table below. Each visitor you will purchase will meet the following criteria:

You may receive traffic that does not meet this criteria, but you will never be charged for it.

Package Description / Country Price 1,000
Worldwide Deal $3.99
Afganistan $3.99
Brazil $4.99
Canada $5.50
France $4.99
France, Metropolitan $4.99
Germany $4.99
Iran (Islamic Republic of) $4.99
Portugal $4.99
Russian Federation $4.99
Saudi Arabia $6.99
Spain $5.50
Tajikistan $3.99
Turkey $5.50
United Arab Emirates $6.99
United Kingdom $5.99
United States $5.99

Monthly banners (for rant use CONTACT US in home page or send Email to

size possition price/m min show device num
728x90 member area 4$ 7000 mobile ,desktop 1
728x90 Banner links 12$ 7000 mobile ,desktop 2
728x90 Interstitial links 6$ 4000 desktop 3
336x280 Banner links 12$ 7000 mobile ,desktop 4
468x60 Banner links 12$ 7000 mobile ,desktop 5














All sites are allowed, except when they contain:

Please contact us first if you are unsure whether your advertising would be suitable.